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Upper Back Pain FAQs

Your upper back is made up of muscles, ligaments, and nerves. When your upper back hurts, you might feel sharp, shooting pains or it might feel more like a constant dull ache. Either way, White Plains Chiropractic Wellness, PLLC in White Plains, NY is prepared to help you identify the root cause of your pain along with methods to help bring relief.


What Causes Upper Back Pain?

The primary reasons why you might feel pain in this region of your back are issues that are related to joint dysfunction or muscular injuries. People often develop this type of pain after being in a car accident or sustaining an injury at work that irritates the spine or muscles. You could also have pain in your upper back if you have poor posture or engage in activities such as heavy lifting or prolonged sitting in front of a computer.

How to Prevent Upper Back Pain?

When you have this type of pain, you want to continue to move your body so that the joints and muscles don't stiffen up. However, you'll also want to take care to avoid bringing on further injury or strain. Until you find out what is contributing to the pain, you'll want to be cautious about lifting heavy objects or engaging in strenuous activities. Doing gentle stretches and applying heat or cold to the area can bring you temporary relief from the pain.

How Does a Chiropractor Relieve Upper Back Pain?

A chiropractor provides exams that help to identify the source of your pain. They may manually manipulate your back to see where the pain originates from, and they can perform imaging tests to check for injuries and spinal misalignments. After your consultation, they'll recommend ways to manage your pain that include in-office services and at-home exercises. For many people, simply working on using good posture can help to relieve strain on parts of the upper back. You may also benefit from strengthening weakened muscles and ligaments in your back that cause other areas to work harder, which leads to strain. Choosing ergonomic furniture for your workplace can also help you to feel better when some of the pain is related to work-related duties. 

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Pain in the upper back tends to worsen as time goes on if you don't seek care. At White Plains Chiropractic Wellness, PLLC in White Plains, NY, we frequently help people figure out why their back is hurting. We also help them to address the underlying causes of upper back pain. Call us today at (914) 761-1121 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our chiropractor.