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Whiplash Treatment in White Plains, NY

Whiplash Treatment From a Chiropractor in White Plains, NY 

Whiplash is a common injury that affects your neck. Unfortunately, it can cause you a great deal of pain and other unpleasant symptoms that can keep you from resuming life. Fortunately, our city chiro at White Plains Chiropractic Wellness, PLLC, serving White Plains, NY, and the general vicinity, for relief and to promote healing. 


Definition Of Whiplash

Whiplash is an issue that occurs when your neck is propelled forward rapidly, and your neck snaps back forth again. The process resembles the cracking of a whip, hence the name. 

When your neck endures this force, you can sustain damage to your neck, including the soft tissue and nerves in your neck. 

Often, whiplash arises from a rear-end collision. However, some people develop it from a sports injury or being physically assaulted. 


Symptoms may arise anywhere from immediately to up to 72 hours after the initial injury. Symptoms may include neck pain and a decreased range of motion in the area. You might notice numbness, tingling, or burning that extends from your neck and possibly down your arms. The pain you experience may worsen when you try to move your neck, and the pain may extend to your shoulders and arms as well. 

People who develop whiplash may have other symptoms not directly related to the neck, such as depression, mood changes, and agitation. Sleep disturbances are possible as well and so are tinnitus (ringing in your ears), nausea, and vomiting. 


To accurately diagnose you with whiplash, our city chiro will ask you to move your neck. Our practitioner will also want to know about the injury that caused this injury. Your chiropractor will check for swelling. 

Often, your chiropractor will want to obtain imaging to accurately diagnose the issue. 


In many cases, your doctor may want to conduct a cervical alignment. This is a special type of alignment that focuses on your neck. During this treatment, your practitioner will realign the vertebrae in your neck, so they realign with your other vertebrae and take the pressure off this sensitive area. 

Exercise therapy is another common treatment for whiplash. This treatment will consist of your chiropractor asking to perform certain exercises that slowly work your neck and try to regain as much function in your neck as possible. 

Your chiropractor may also recommend at-home measures you can take to relieve your pain and other symptoms as well as exercises you can perform to help with your pain. 

At our chiropractic clinic, we can relieve your pain and uncomfortable symptoms. We can optimize the recovery process to ensure you regain your range of motion. 

Contact White Plains Chiropractic Wellness, PLLC, serving White Plains, NY, and the surrounding region, for relief of your whiplash symptoms by calling us at (914) 761-1121